The Delta International Film and Video Festival

2011 Delta International Film and Video Festival

Program 1 - Program 2 - Program 3 - 2011 Jurors - From the Director

Wednesday, April 27 - Friday, April 29, 2011 -
Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi

Program #3 | Friday, April 29 7:00 P.M. | Running Time: 85:00 minutes

Location for all Screenings: the Recital Hall at the Bologna Performing Arts Center, Delta State University,
Cleveland Mississippi

Emily Tschiffely, Robyn Moore, Vince Johnston, Joey Plunkett
Waterboard is one installment of a larger piece that will have both live and online components. Funding for this
work has been made possible by the Puffin Foundation and the Mississippi Arts Commission, a state agency, and, in part, from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. To follow this work, please send an email to

"the man killed the bird, and with the bird,
killed the song, and with the song,
killed himself." - unknown indigenous poet

Surviving Hunger Animation; USA; 2:30; 2010
Balgum Song
This animation is placed on a desert-like landscape where there are just sands and dry air with no food. There are two characters in this storyline. One is a big frog-looking character who wonders around for food. The other is a cute little character that comes towards the big character to use himself as a bait. The story is about conflict between these two characters.
Sharfik (The Scarf) Student animation; USA; 14:00; 2010
Karina Gazizova
My latest film is about one family. There's nothing too special about this family except they happened to live during the period of World War II. The most unbearable siege sucks the last drop of life out of a once warm family. The true strength of oneself is reached in the most difficult times, when it is needed most.
*Awarded Best Animation
Birdboy Animation; Spain; 12:00; 2010
Pedro Rivero
Little DINKY starts a new day on her way to school with her beloved father, but a terrible industrial accident is going to change the life of the people in the Island forever.
Friday Night Tights Student animation; USA; 4:00; 2010
Joonki Park
On a Friday night, two roommates argue about whether to go out or not. Zach wants to go out, Joonki doesn't. As Zach goes out alone angry Joonki starts to sing about his secret visits to ballet classes.
  Muj Hrdina (My Hero) Student short; USA; 7:00; 2010
Alex Loeb and Christopher Jarvis
A young boy emulates a television cartoon to test his father's affection.
Pizzangrillo (Lighthearted Boy) Short; Italy; 15:00; 2011
Marco Gianfreda
Tired of life, Ettore, 65 years old, everyday tries to find the courage to drive himself and his old three wheeler down a country ditch. When Luca, his 10 year old nephew, finds out about his grandfather's intentions, he decides to furtively follow him.
*Awarded Best Short
GU YEO-RUM-EUI BA-DA (A Scene at the Sea) Student short; South Korea; 22:00; 2010
Jaehee Lee
A father and son, roles now reversed as one becomes the caretaker of the other, execute a delicate dance at the edge of the sea.
*Awarded Best Student Film