The Delta International Film and Video Festival

2011 Delta International Film and Video Festival

Program 1 - Program 2 - Program 3 - 2011 Jurors - From the Director

Wednesday, April 27 - Friday, April 29, 2011 -
Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi

Program #2 | Thursday, April 28 7:00 P.M. | Running Time: 80:00 minutes

Location for all Screenings: the Recital Hall at the Bologna Performing Arts Center, Delta State University,
Cleveland Mississippi


DSU Student Showcase and Roundtable Discussion

The Hare Rises 6:19; 2010
Davis Horne
The Hare Rises is essentially a spoof trailer of The Dark Night.

Life Pursuits 3:26; 2010
Chad Steen
A short recreation film from a philosophical perspective.

Red esCape 3:03; 2010
Kaley Farris
This is a story about a boy who wants to fly... and the teacher who enables him.

Polite Conversation 1:30; 2010
Christopher Chambers
Polite Conversation is a short film about a young man who finds no interest in talking to other people. While he lists reasons why a conversation may be dull he is saved by an important phone call; the only way to end a boring conversation.

Lost in Nightmares
Brody Coley
A science fiction stop motion film.

Emily Mokry
This film is about love, heartbreak, and hope, things that tie each of us together at one point or another.

Ordinary 3:35; 2010
Casey Williamson
A stop-motion animation portrayal of an ordinary businessman who escapes the chaos of his cubical through daydreaming.

Paper Planes 3:30; 2010
Jordan Smith
An exercise in stop motion.

Mars 500 3:15; 2011
Hannah Mathews, Jessi Malatesta
Recovered Footage of the Mars 500 space exploration.

Breathing Easy
Zilpha Young, Kristen Price
What happens to the cigarettes that are displaced because of DSU's recent smoking ban?

Unique Matches 1:30; 2011
Brice McAdams, Megan Dixon
Unique Matches is a mock advertisement for a dating website. These matches are quite odd but they like to refer to themselves as “Unique.”

The End is Near
Brian Ambrose, Andrew Douglas, Alanna Leist
The end of the world is coming, but all dogs don't go to heaven. What's a canine-loving believer to do?

Space ROCK!!! 2:00; 2011
Charles Taylor, Justin McDaniel
A meteor is discovered to contain proof of alien life. But is there more to this story?

Tiny Foot 1:36; 2011
Jessi Malatesta, Brian Ambrose, Justin McDaniel
A bigfoot meets a strange creature in the woods.