The Delta International Film and Video Festival

2011 Delta International Film and Video Festival

Program 1 - Program 2 - Program 3 - 2011 Jurors - From the Director

Wednesday, April 27 - Friday, April 29, 2011 -
Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi

Program #1 | Wednesday, April 27 7:00 P.M. | Running Time: 72:00 minutes

Location for all Screenings: the Recital Hall at the Bologna Performing Arts Center, Delta State University,
Cleveland Mississippi

Tu Come Mi Vedi? (How Do You See Me?) Documentary;Italy and Mexico; 72:00; 2010
Director: Belen Lemaitre
How Do You See Me? is a documentary that casts a scrutinizing eye on our very idea of “being normal.” The film follows the stories of three young people that have lost one or more limbs to illness or violent accidents. Each, in their own way, lives their life with great dignity and, most of all, to the fullest.
*Awarded Best Feature