The Delta International Film and Video Festival

2008 Delta International Film and Video Festival

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Friday April 11 - Sunday April 13
Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi

Program #1 | Friday, April 11 3:30 P.M. | Running Time: 84 minutes

Location for all Screenings: the Recital Hall at the Bologna Performing Arts Center, Delta State University, Cleveland Mississippi

Lantian Xie
0:40; 2007; USA

A representation of the relationship between mind and matter.
*Best Animation
*Student Work

A Child Called Idea
Lantian Xie
0:35; 2007; USA

A personified representation of the moment an idea is conceived.
*Student Work

We Hear Sirens
Alex Harder
3:00; 2007; USA

A childhood friend of mine escaped the World Trade Center with his life on 9/11/2001. This short is culled from what little but rare footage he was able to capture that day. After some deliberation and time, we both felt that it should be seen in some form. He entrusted the footage to me. This is how the film came about. It is not necessarily a political statement, but images and sounds in memory.

Another Word for Family
April Grayson
17:00; 2007; USA

In this experimental documentary, the filmmaker returns to her small hometown in the Mississippi Delta to explore the burden of its troubled history and its impact on her own life. Through both new Super 8mm footage and family archives, the film confronts how a community and its individuals deal with the legacy of racism.
*Best Experimental
*DSU Year of Delta Heritage Award Recipient
*Student Work


So Long
SPC Brandon Bley
11:46; 2007; USA

What would you do with an empty apartment, an ocean of alcohol, and six hours of freedom left before shipping off to the most dangerous place on earth?
*Student Work

Oyun (The Game)
Serhat Furtuna
2:11; 2007; Turkey

To play a game, you neither need a $1,000-worth game console nor it’s $100-worth games. All you need is a will and a little bit of positive smile to life. The Game is the story of a young man and his most favorite game.

Leah Crews
2:33; 2007; USA

My work is a satirical critique of consumerism and narcissism present in contemporary culture. Through the creation of absurd visual metaphors I am attempting to comment on the insatiable, carnivorous aspects of popular culture.
*Student Work

Silly Poems
Tim Mostert
5:52; 2008; South Africa

Silly Poems is a series of animated limericks, written to brighten one’s day.

Tim Mostert
5:10; 2008; South Africa

Speedy is a fun-loving character who lives in Happy Township in South Africa. The series follows his adventures with his close friends and family.

Kate Balsley
2:20; 2007; USA

A meditation on life and death, past and present told through a magical dream world of animals.
*Student Work


The Letter Y
David Webber
4:08; 2006; USA

Issues around perceptual phenomenon string together my many different art projects and in The Letter Y I am exploring the formal parameters of hand painted film and cameraless animation.

Ghosts and Gravel Roads
Mike Rollo
16:00; 2008; Canada

An inventory of lost memories and places, the sun bleached landscape of Saskatchewan serves as a metaphor for displacement, a framing of emptiness and absence.  Traveling to forgotten towns and channeled through old family photographs the camera catalogues the haunting remnants of the past, frail monuments and communities laid bare, broken under economic collapse.  Under the weight of the prairie skies a visceral, personal encounter is revealed in the solace of open space.
*Best Cinematography

Agnieszka: A Dark Symphony of 2039
Martin Gauvreau
12:00; 2007; United Kingdom and Poland

Joy and pain go hand in hand when an angelic being is delivered the box of eternity and subjected to the fateful decision of the gods.