The Delta International Film and Video Festival

2007 Delta International Film and Video Festival

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Friday March 30, Sunday April 1
Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi

Program #1 | Friday, March 30 3:30 PM | Running Time: 83 minutes

Location for all Screenings: the Recital Hall at the Bologna Performing Arts Center, Delta State University, Cleveland Mississippi

Startle Pattern
Eric Patrick
12:47; 2006; USA

Startle Pattern is a farewell card to the film medium. In this late age of emulsion, this essay is a call of the cinematic gaze to a state of crisis. The film functions as a deconstruction of spectatorship and authorship in the moving image… a puppet’s form tattered and decayed, hinting at the Protagonist's delicate relationship with reality, voyeurism, the director and the apparatus.
*Best Animation
The Reel President
Morgan Schwartz and Amy Sharp
13:42; 2006; USA

The Reel President illustrates the power of cinema and examines the tools used to create a presidential image. The White House has appropriated the notion of the "President" from Hollywood and employed Hollywood tactics to sell America a constructed image. We use Hollywood films, televised debates and press coverage, to investigate the political climate and the role of still and moving images in the portrayal of the Presidency. The Reel President explores the relationship between acting presidential and being presidential.
*Work by guest juror
Minou Norouzi
7:50; 2006; The United Kingdom

Conceived as a hypothesis that ones favorite line from a movie contains within it the essence of a person’s ideal, a passion, conviction or sense of self, Imago maps a series of frozen moments in the Los Angeles acting community. Each actor is seen in their day job delivering their favorite line from a movie, mapping the day to day architectural space where desire is incubated.
Through These Trackless Waters
Elizabeth Henry
12:30; 2007; USA

The ecology of the planet connects with the ecology of our minds. In the waking dream, all is juxtaposed and, as Kuleshov discovered, all is related.
*Best Experimental
Invisible City
Jack Cronin
11:00; 2006; USA

Invisible City was filmed in Detroit over the course of three years. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Le città invisibili, in which the Italian author suggests that what constitutes a city is not so much its physical structure but the impression it makes upon its visitors. The film is loosely organized into four segments representing spring, summer, fall, and winter.
*Best Cinematography
Bad Dreams
Fansu Njie
24:30; 2006; Sweden

Theo has had nightmares all his life. When a hospital tries out a new drug that’s supposed to help people with nightmares, he signs up not knowing that it will turn out to be a nightmare worse than his own. Constantly waking up but never awake, Theo finds it hard to differentiate the reality from his dreams.